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If you think quantum mechanics sounds challenging, you are not alone. All of our intuitions are based on day-to-day experiences, and so are better at understanding the behavior of balls and bananas than atoms or electrons. Though quantum objects can seem random and chaotic at first, they just follow a different set of rules. Once we know what those rules are, we can use them to create new and powerful technology. Quantum computing will be the most revolutionary example of this.

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‘Quantum physics’ is a term widely used but much less understood. It is a mathematical model first used to describe the behavior of small things in a laboratory, which exposed gaps in the preceding theory of ‘classical’ physics. Quantum theory explains this behavior and gives us a more complete picture of our universe. We have realized we can use this previously unexplained behavior to perform certain computations that we previously did not believe possible. We call this quantum computing.

Quantum computing is the perfect way to dip your toes into quantum physics. It distills the core concepts from quantum physics into their simplest forms, stripping away the complications of the physical world. This page will take you on a short journey to discover (and explain!) some strange quantum phenomena, and give you a taste for what ‘quantum’ is.

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